6 Tips to keep teeth clean while wearing braces

6 Tips to keep teeth clean while wearing braces:

If teeth are not taken cared of while undergoing orthodontic treatment then there will be a greater risk for damaging teeth irreversibly. Problems may occur on both teeth and gums. So although caring for teeth during this period is not easy, it must be done to prevent more problems to your teeth from happening.

If patients do not take good care of the mouth while braces are attached to the teeth, plaque buildup may quickly develop on their teeth and to the attached braces as well. If plaque is not eliminated, this will combine with food scraps after eating, it will then create acids that will potentially destroy teeth, causing tooth decay and gingivitis.

Therefore, here are the following tips patients can take to care of their gums and teeth during orthodontic treatment.

1. Choose a toothbrush that is designed for teeth with braces, because they are specially designed to eliminate food particles more effectively than normal toothbrush. It can remove plaque from the braces better. Brush teeth at least 2 times a day and if possible, after every meal. Because teeth with braces will have greater chances of getting food scraps trapped between teeth and braces. If food scraps are not properly removed, it will cause bad breath as well as embarrassment from chatting with friends with food scraps stuck to their braces and teeth.

2. Use dental floss between teeth and braces at least once a day. Specially designed dental floss for patients with braces is available. Dentist will be happy to advise the patients on how to properly use it.

3. Use mouthwash containing fluoride to help prevent tooth decay, and to help keep mouth smelling clean and fresh. Additionally, choosing toothpaste containing fluoride is also important to help prevent tooth decay.

4. If it is not convenient to brush your teeth and use dental floss after a meal, rinse teeth with water thoroughly to wash-off food scraps from teeth and braces.

5. Visiting the dentist by appointment every month is important, because aside from regular appliance adjustments, patient’s teeth and gums will also be checked regularly and get teeth cleaning and scaling.

6. For patients playing sports, it is recommended to wear shockproof device, because if an accident occurs while there is a braces in the mouth, it may cause more injury than before getting orthodontic treatment.

Additional suggestions
• Avoid chewing hard foods such as ice, hard fruit, nuts, candies and avoid sticky foods such as chewing gum.
• Should choose to eat soft food
• The first phase of braces or during braces adjustments may cause toothache, it is recommended to take painkillers, but the toothache will gradually improve in the following days
• If there is a wound due to braces or irritations, patient can use wax or ointments, applying it over the irritated area.
• If wounds or irritation occur, an appointment must be made to meet with an orthodontist even before the scheduled appointment for braces adjustment.


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