How to clean retainers?

How to clean retainers?

Tooth stabilizer or retainer is a device that we must put in order to keep the teeth from moving in the direction that we do not want. Of course, the retainer will have both bacteria and plaque attached to it like our teeth. Therefore, we have to clean it like our teeth every day as well.

Most orthodontic patients will have to wear the retainer at all times in the initial stages. Because the newly corrected teeth are not yet stable, so retainer will help keep teeth in place. Patient however, can remove the retainer only when eating and when brushing and flossing teeth.

After a while from wearing retainers teeth will become more stable, during this time patient will not have to wear the retainers all the time. There will be moments of rest that do not need to be put on the retainers (as per dentist advice). During this time, patient must clean the retainers and keep them in the prober container. Here are tips how to take care of retainers:

  • Retainer must be cleaned daily and immediately every time it is removed from the mouth, while anything that may be stuck on the retainers can still be easily cleaned, otherwise the dirt will harden and would be more difficult to remove.
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush to clean your retainers, and wash it with room temperature water.
  • Use a small amount of toothpaste together with the brush to clean the retainer.
  • Soak retainer in denture soaking liquid, or form effervescent tablets that can be mixed in water, but should not be done too often, only when the stain starts to adhere firmly on the retainer
  • The retainer should be taken to the dentist for examination and cleaning if there will be limestone attached to the retainer, patient should not remove it by them, because patient might permanently damage the retainers.
  • Avoid keeping the retainer in a hot place or near the heat.
  • The retainer should not be exposed to any chemicals.
  • Patient must follow the instructions according to product specification.
  • Patient should also clean the retainer box regularly.
  • Keep the retainer in its proper container. Keep out of reach of children Away from pets and don’t wrap it on tissue paper and leave it elsewhere because patient might forget about it and retainers get discarded.
  • If the retainer is damaged, patient must take it to the dentist immediately for repair, because patient must not be left without a retainer for a long period of time.


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