How to use a tooth brush for orthodontics

How to use a tooth brush for orthodontics

Interdental brush for orthodontics is used to clean between teeth and braces. Because patients with braces have brackets attached to every tooth, food scraps and various plaques can easily get trapped in between teeth and braces. Cleaning teeth with specially designed tools will make sure teeth is thoroughly cleaned and lower risk of dental problems like gingivitis or tooth decay. Brushing teeth alone is not enough, especially in the niche of the teeth which the toothbrush cannot reach therefore various accessories are needed to help clean the gums and teeth, including orthodontic tools.

Interdental brushes for orthodontics have the following methods.

1. Choose the size of the interdental brush to suit individual teeth.
2. Insert the brush under the braces between teeth gently
3. Place the brush close or attached to the tooth surface between two adjacent teeth
4. Move the brush gently in an up and down motion for 4-5 times per tooth.
5. Start cleaning from the top teeth from the left or right first. According to the individual’s aptitude and when cleaning the upper teeth Then began to clean the lower teeth by doing the same
6. Patient should be careful not to use excessive force to clean teeth, because it can cause damage to the gums and teeth, it may cause the gums to swell too if used incorrectly.
7. The bristles should be washed thoroughly after every use.
8. Change the bristles when the bristles start to come out or begin to lose shape.
9. After cleaning is complete, patient should put the brush so that the brush handle is set up and let the bristles dry and not damp.
10. If there are teeth in a certain position far away, you can use interdental brush to clean the area between teeth by choosing the size of the bristles to suit the space. In addition, use dental floss or superfloss to clean teeth thoroughly.


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