Instructions for wearing retainers

Instructions for wearing retainers

1. Retainer is a dental stabilizer after removing orthodontic tools. Patients must wear retainer as per dentist strict advice, to avoid the possibility of tooth problems or from preventing teeth from shifting back to their original position.

2. If patient neglect to wear retainers for a long time, patient may feel uncomfortable because of tightening of the retainers, as if wearing it for the first time again. If this happens, it means that teeth have slightly shifted. If teeth has shifted a little bit more, then patient must inform the dentist as soon as possible. It is important to wear retainers strictly especially during the first 3 months after removing the braces. Without retainers for just 1-2 weeks can cause teeth to shift much.

3. Remove the retainer when eating or brushing teeth and it should be cleaned immediately and keep in the box. Do not wrap it in tissue, because patient often forgets and possibly get thrown away.

4. Clean the retainer regularly as brushing teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush, along with a little toothpaste, then wash with clean water and wipe dry.

5. Not properly cleaning the retainer or not clean it at all is not good. Bacteria and plaque will accumulate in the retainer and will eventually cause tooth decay and bad breath.

6. Retainers can be soaked in denture immersion solution or effervescent tablets to get rid of stubborn stains, but should not be soaked too often. Soak only when needed (as per dentist advice)

7. Do not expose the retainer to heat, hot water or chemicals as it may be damaged or distorted.

8. Removing the retainer and placing it in a dry container and not immersing it in water for a long period of time may become deformed.

9. If the retainer is damaged, deformed, broken, or has become so dirty that it cannot be washed, patient must see the dentist.

10. The retainer should be changed according to the period specified by the dentist.

11. Strictly follow the dentist’s instructions on how to use the retainer.

12. Patient should have their teeth and retainers checked every 6 months.


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