Oral care after brace installation

After installing braces, patients should pay special attention is caring for teeth because it will take getting used to cleaning teeth with braces

Today we have methods for oral health care for orthodontics.

1. Brush teeth with braces after every meal because food scraps will be more prone to be trapped between teeth and braces. If brushing is not possible, make sure to rinse teeth with water thoroughly, but it is important to brush teeth before going to bed to prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the sleeping bed.

2. Use dental floss after every meal or if not convenient, floss after brushing teeth before bed to get rid of food scraps stuck in the teeth and braces, and prevent the accumulation of plaque and inflammation of the gums.

3. Use toothpaste and mouthwash which contains fluoride to prevent tooth decay at least once a day to prevent tooth decay. Because if tooth decay occurs once the braces are installed, it will be more difficult to treat the problem.

4. Choosing toothbrush designed specifically for teeth with braces. Because it is more effective to use that regular toothbrush in cleaning teeth with braces

5. After installing the braces, patient should see the dentist by appointment every 6 months. In the event that the rubber band used for braces are not changed, problems may arise like gingivitis. Teeth must also receive regular teeth cleaning and to reduce the accumulation of germs and bacteria that causes gingivitis and tooth decay.

6. Take painkillers, such as paracetamol or PONSTAN if patient experience pain or toothache to help alleviate the symptoms.

7. During the initial orthodontic phase, eat soft food and avoid sticky and hard food, as well as smoking and alcoholic beverages, because in the beginning, teeth will be sensitivity resulting to toothache.

Immediately see your dentist if abnormalities are found while patient’s teeth are on braces, or if symptoms persist, like pain and sensitivity. Patient should immediately go to the dentist is braces are damaged or comes off. Do not repair it yourself because it will cause more damage than good.


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