Recommendations after adjusting braces

Recommendations after adjusting braces

Once the braces are attached to the surface of the tooth the dentist will make an appointment to adjust the wire regularly, 1-2 times depending on the type of orthodontics. These are what to expect after adjusting the wire has been made:

1. Every time the dentist has adjusted the wire, patients will experience pain because the teeth are shifting. During these times, patients should choose to eat soft food or food that does not require a lot of chewing, until pain diminishes.

2. After the wire adjustment, sometimes, shifting position of teeth may cause wire to pop out and pierce the inside of the cheeks. This may result to irritation in the mouth, especially around the cheeks. To reduce irritation, patient should apply ointments over the irritated area or wound, and inform the dentist about it.

3. Painkillers can be taken if pain persists, after wire adjustment.

4. After wire adjustment, it is normal that a slight rocking of teeth can occur, which may last for 5-7 days. But if you notice heavy swaying, you should immediately see your dentist to have it checked.

5. Specially made orthodontic tools must be used in cleaning teeth with braces. Teeth must be brushed after every meal. In addition to using dental floss, interdental brush, cluster brush and fluoride mouthwash, etc. Because teeth with braces are more prone to catching food scraps in between the braces and teeth.

6. Patient should not eat foods that are very hard to bite or brittle, such as ice etc.


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