Recommendations during root canal treatment

Root canal treatment is a solution for infected tooth roots and has damaged the nerves cavity completely caused by tooth decay. Despite being a complicated procedure and multiple visits to the dentist, once the treatment process is complete, patients will be able to use the same teeth to chew food again as it was before. The root canal treatment involves cutting the nerve cavity and removing the inflamed tissue from the center of the tooth. Once the inflammation has stopped, the remaining dentin will be shaped and restored to use again. But in the olden days, when tooth decay had deep into the nerve cavity, the only solution is extraction.

What is root canal treatment?
Root canal treatment is the removal of inflamed tissue within the tooth cavity. Including cleaning the root canal to stop inflammation This is a process that must be repeated many times to ensure that it is free from germs. Once the inflammation has been stopped in the dental nerve cavity, the root canal filling procedure is restored and the tooth is restored by a crown or bridge to allow the tooth to become strong and active again.

Reasons for root canal treatment
Patients who are undergoing root canal treatment often experience severe toothache. Severe pain may cause loss of sleep. Teeth may become discolored, darker gums, swollen glands, pus, and also tooth sensitivity when eating very hot or cold food. These symptoms are caused by tooth decay deep into the tooth nerve cavity, including cracked teeth deep in the tooth cavity. The tooth is a cavity that causes germs to become infected inside.

Treatment procedures

1. The dentist examines the teeth that will undergo root canal treatment. Then begin to get rid of the inflamed tissue in the root canal by puncturing the top of the tooth and remove the inflamed tissue.

2. After cleaning the root canal, the dentist will put disinfectant into the root canal, and then close the tooth opening with temporary filling materials to prevent repeated inflammation.

3. After that, the dentist will make an appointment to change the medication in the root canal until there is no infection. This may be repeated 2-3 times until there is no inflammation inside the root canal.

4. When there is no infection in the root canal the dentist will permanently close the root canal using crown or filling, depending on the remaining dentin.

Care during root canal treatment
During root canal treatment, the patient must use antiseptic to work in the root canal. Therefore having to spend time and having to visit many dentists. Patient should take care that the temporary filling will not come off. Patient should follow these recommendations below:

1. After root canal treatment, patient should wait for the anesthetic to lose its effect first before eating, because patient may accidentally bite into his tongue

2. During root canal treatment Dentists will fill the teeth with temporary fillings that can come off easily. Patients should be careful when chewing food or should choose to eat soft foods. If filling come off, you should immediately see your dentist, because germs in the mouth can enter the root canal.

3. Oral cleaning can be done normally. Brushing your teeth at least 2 times a day, using dental floss and mouthwash at least 1 time a day

4. Root canal treatment is a complex process that requires ongoing treatment. Many patients do not agree to make an appointment because they say it is still painful. But they must continue treatment because the antiseptic is still inside and the inflammation is not gone. And the seal is only temporary. The filling material will come off anytime. Which if not treated further, the patient may lose the tooth.

How long will treated tooth last?
Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment and restoration can function like normal teeth again. And like normal teeth, it can still decay if not properly cleaned. It’s important to brush your teeth and floss regularly. Also should see a dentist at least every 6 months. In addition, if treated tooth develops a little tooth decay, you should see a dentist immediately, because if left for a long time, the teeth will decay deep into the root canal again. If taken care immediately, it can be treated with fillings only, and will not have to spend a lot of money.

Root canal treatment Therefore is a good solution for teeth that have decayed deep into the tooth nerve cavity because the patient can still keep the same teeth for use although it takes a long time to treat and has complicated procedures, it is very worthwhile.

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