Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

Fixed bridge or dental bridge restoration functions as the original teeth, looks and feels close to natural teeth compared to removable denture. Dental bridge can be made to match to the color of the existing natural teeth.

Dental bridge is a better option from wearing removable denture. It looks more beautiful and natural, that some highly expert dentist creates it in a way that is hard to tell the difference from existing natural teeth. Dental bridge is not removable, and it does not become loose or fall-off while speaking or eating. This helps a person to be more confident in smiling or speaking.

Who is Suitable to Get Dental Bridge?

Fixed bridge is suitable for those who have lost one or more natural teeth, and existing teeth is in good condition or it does not have severe tooth decay or gingivitis. Before using the adjacent teeth as abutment, it is necessary to treat them first.

People who can have dental bridge are those who take good care of their teeth and regularly clean the inside of the mouth constantly paying attention to oral health care.

Advantages of Making a Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is more comfortable in the mouth than a regular denture and it is easier to chew food. The dental bridge closely functions like real teeth

The most important advantage of dental bridge is the size and shaped of the appliance, the lining is thinner that denture and looks more natural. It can be made to imitate the shape and color of the surrounding natural teeth.

Materials Used to Make Bridges

There are 3 major types of materials used in making dental bridge:

1. Full-ceramic crown-bridge is a type of material that has the same color with natural teeth. It is mostly used to replace the front teeth because the opacity is very close to natural teeth. Currently, there are many types of ceramic crowns.

2. Ceramic fused to metal crown-bridge is a type of crown made from ceramic with metal inner core. This type of crown is suitable for back teeth.

3.Full-metal crown-bridge is made of pure metal. There are many types of metal materials from semi-precious to precious metal. Although it is not as attractive as ceramic type crowns, this type of material is the strongest and most durable. It does not chip or crack, which is why it is suitable for back teeth to withstand the pressure from chewing.

To determine the type of material suitable for your teeth, our dentist will explain to you which crown to choose, and will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

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