Dental Crown


Dental crown is needed in the event that a tooth is severely damaged due to decay, cracked or broken and filling is no longer possible to restore the tooth. Crown also used to create a dental bridge to replaces one or more missing tooth.

The crowns help strengthen teeth or restore the teeth to their normal shape and function, so that they can be used to chew food as close to natural teeth as possible. Another important benefit of dental crowns is that it helps to maintain the remaining dentin.

Crown is Used to Restore Cracked Tooth

Crown is used if a tooth is cracked to prevent it from breaking completely when used for chewing. The cracked tooth when crowned can handle the pressure from chewing better. This will also prevent the damage to reach the roots of the tooth and prevent from losing the tooth altogether.

Usually, the first phase of a cracked tooth may not be very obvious, but if the crack is not fixed or the tooth is not restored at once the crack worsens until the tooth becomes sensitive and causes toothache, and the treatment needed becomes more complicated.

Crown is Used to Restore Severely Decayed Tooth

Aside from preventing the tooth from further cracking, crown is also used in replace of dental fillings when the decayed tooth’s lesion is too large or there is no longer enough dentin to hold the filling in.

Crown is Used to Restore Discolored Tooth or Improve Shape

Dental crown is used to improve a severely discolored tooth or yellowish tooth. It is also used to correct the shape of a tooth to match the other teeth, or to fix the alignment of teeth. Another use of crown is to close severe gaps between teeth to improve the appearance and boosts confidence in smiling and improve overall personality.

In conclusion, crown is a type of tooth restoration that can greatly help in the overall appearance and function of a tooth or several teeth.

The Process of Making a Crown

Before making the crown, first, the dentist will graft the tooth in order to make a space for the crown, and then the dentist will get an impression on the prepared tooth and sent to the laboratory where the crown is fabricated. Once the crown is done, the dentist will attach the crown to the prepared tooth.

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