Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is a dental treatment to restore teeth roots and strengthening it to avoid tooth extraction which in the past, the only way the dentist could do. Nowadays, dental treatments have improved a lot to preserve damaged teeth through root canal treatment.

In the event that the patient has toothache caused by severe cavities and inflammation of the nerve tissues, root canal treatment must be performed on the tooth to preserve its integrity.

Warning Signs

Toothache can vary from minor to severe. It can cause constant pain or may be triggered when chewing food or drinking cold or hot beverages. It can also be accompanied by swollen gums and pus. These are primary symptoms of root canal problems. However, there are some cases that don’t manifest any of these symptoms, and the only sign is a wobbling tooth or it just falls-off or fractured, leaning only the root canal.

If you find yourself having these symptoms you should visit your dentist for consultation and x-rays. The dentist will be able to diagnose the symptoms of the disease. And can plan treatment for you

Why do you need to treat infected tooth roots?

Root canal treatment is the treatment of tooth nerve tissue in the root canal or in the tooth nerve cavity by removing the inflamed nerves. Doing this will gradually cure the pain as well.

Additionally, once the treatment is completed, the dentist will perform roots build-up by putting post & core, and crown to restore the tooth’s structural integrity so that it can be used to chew food like before.

Causes of Root Canal Treatment

Prolonged bad state of tooth, because of allowing the tooth to decay until it is deeply infected and inflamed near the tooth nerve cavity. As a result, bacteria in the saliva enter the tooth nerve cavities and cause severe harm to the teeth.

Another cause is fractured tooth caused by trauma during an accident. When this happens, it often causes the nerve endings to die if left untreated and a purulent inflammation at the root canal follows. This will also cause toothache which may be intermittent pain or periodic pain to severe pain accompanied by swelling of the gums.

Root Canal Treatment Aftercare

Some root canal treatment cases can be completed in one go, depending on the condition of the teeth, how much inflammation and the extent of infection. Root canal treatment teeth should be observed for a period of time to make sure that the infection is treated and tooth root is healed completely.

Some people may experience slight tooth pain or sensitivity in the first 2-3 days after root canal treatment. The dentist will provide medication to relieve the pain together with antibiotics. The pain will gradually disappear by itself but it may take some time.

Regularly clean the mouth regularly and refrain from using teeth that are still undergoing treatment for chewing or bite into hard objects as it is still very weak and may break.

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