Dental Scaling

Scaling / Cleaning (to treat gingivitis)

The most common questions people ask about scaling is “Why do you need to do scaling or scaling so often?” and “Why we need to do scaling every 6 months or 1 year or how much time is good?” This article will answer these questions.

Most people are unable to brush their teeth completely clean in every nook and cranny. For this reason, teeth are more susceptible to form plaque along the gum line, overtime limestone stain develops.

How does oral plaque occur ?

Sugar contributes to the formation of plaque, as it produces acid and toxins. The acid destroys the enamel causing tooth decay and gingivitis. The more limestone is produced, the more susceptible for stain to develop. A rough part of the teeth can be felt by the tongue along the grooves of teeth or gum line.

If patient do not brush their teeth regularly, it will cause the accumulation of thick limestone, and would make it more difficult to remove the limestone by brushing alone. Dental scaling is therefore the only option to remove these stubborn limestone or plaque, especially around the gums and under the gums, or even through the tooth root for some to restore healthy gums.

How often should scaling be done and at what age should one get their teeth undergo scaling?

Scaling may not be needed very often. It is determined on the amount of limestone. Normally it is recommended to do it every 6 months or once a year. A regular dental check-up is necessary to make sure teeth is clear from gingivitis or periodontitis.

Scaling can be done at any age, even in children with primary teeth, and even the elderly still having natural teeth.

Basic oral and dental care requires brushing your teeth properly. Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day and use dental floss before brushing your teeth in the evening every day to make sure there will be no food residue which will facilitate the formation of plaque that causes limestone and subsequently gingivitis.

How much is needed to do scaling ?

Because limestone is plaque that hardened, self-cleaning methods is not enough. It needs to be removed by a dentist through scaling in order to remove the entire plaque along the gum line and under the gums and then polish the teeth after to make the tooth surface look and feel smooth as teeth should be.

Time needed to perform scaling may take some time, depending on the amount of limestone and hardness of limestone. It is different for each person. The more the teeth are neglected, the more time is needed to perform scaling, and the more frequent dental visit is needed, so that there is a fewer chance for plaque to come back.


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