Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom Teeth are teeth that grow abnormally or likely impacted. It is mostly found at the end of molars of both upper and lower teeth.

Wisdom tooth extraction is not as scary as many people think. Generally when patients get their impacted wisdom tooth extracted, they often experience pain, but there are some who don’t. These cases are often on patients who want to get a dental brace.

The level of difficulty in extracting a wisdom tooth depends on the position of the tooth, how deep it is buried in the bone, and how much inclination or how much the tooth is tilted sideways.

Should Wisdom Tooth Be Removed?

Most patients have problems with wisdom teeth. In the initial stage there is usually no symptom which is why patient leaves it untouched, because it doesn’t give them any pain or discomfort. Still, if we are unable to clean the affected teeth and around it there is a chance of gum inflammation in that area. To some people the pain is tolerable, but for others they experience intolerable pain. That is why, most dentists recommend removing the wisdom teeth before the pain or inflammation is unbearable. If patient waits until severe inflammation, the anesthetic may not take its full effect as it should be, and may cause hypersensitivity while the dentist is removing the wisdom tooth.

Another thing to be aware of if there are un-extracted wisdom is that it may cause the adjacent teeth to decay, because sometimes the impacted teeth makes it difficult to clean the area around it, food particles are left in the nooks and crannies that causes tooth decay. If undetected, the damage would require performing root canal treatment, or will have to extract not only the wisdom tooth, but also the damaged adjacent teeth.

Having an affected tooth may cause cyst to develop around the wisdom teeth, which, if the wisdom teeth have severe inflammation the infection may spread to the neck. Which is considered quite dangerous and the patient will suffer a lot of pain Therefore, if you find that you have impacted wisdom teeth, it is important to extract it and do not wait until it creates more damage to your overall oral health. The more wisdom teeth are removed, the less complication there will be.

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