Tips after fluoride coating

Tips after fluoride coating:

1. After fluoride coating, patient should not rinse with water for 30 minutes. There is no danger if patient accidentally swallowed the fluoride coating.

2. If fluoride gel has been applied, it is recommended to refrain from water. And refrain from food for 30 minutes.

3. In case of enameling with fluoride varnish (In children who have found that the tooth surface has decay in the initial stages)
– Refrain from water and food for 1 hour after coating the fluoride varnish.
– Abstain from eating solid foods or foods that need to be chewed for at least 2 hours, but can eat soft foods and water.
– No brushing and flossing on the day of applying fluoride varnish both before bed and during the day In order for the fluoride varnish to work fully. You can brush teeth normally the next day.
– If yellow stain is found on the teeth, don’t brush it off. The yellow stain will disappear by itself in 2-3 days
– If you experience irritation or allergies, rinse with clean water several times. But if condition doesn’t improve, take the child to the dentist


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