The difference between removable dentures and fixed dentures

There are two types of dentures: fixed dentures with removable dentures Which of these two types of dentures There are different indications for use. Including different advantages and disadvantages.
Let’s see. What are the differences between these two types of dentures?

Fixed dentures
Including dental bridges and dental implants.
A dental bridge is a fixed denture that replaces missing teeth. It is necessary to have natural teeth on both sides of the gap where the teeth are missing because these two natural teeth will be used as the anchor for the bridge.

dental bridge

Dental implant part It will be a fixed denture that best imitates natural teeth. An implant is placed into the bone in the gap to replace the tooth that was extracted. There will be no grinding of any adjacent teeth at all. And when the dental implant has been successfully implanted into the bone There is a connection between the implant and our bone. A crown will be made for the upper part of the tooth. And in addition to dental implants being made together with crowns, Can also be combined with dental bridges and removable dentures.

Single Tooth Implants

Implants with a Dental Bridge

Implants with Full Dentures

Advantages of fixed dentures include:
● Strong, durable, not easily broken.
● Good for chewing food. Effectively similar to natural teeth
● Provides beauty similar to natural teeth
● Does not cause irritation Irritability while talking, smiling, or chewing food
● Speak clearly. Just like when you have natural teeth.
● Doesn’t fall out. Don’t worry about them falling out while talking, smiling, or chewing food.
Disadvantages of fixed dentures include:
● High price
● Must maintain cleanliness regularly For a long life of fixed dentures
● Must have accessories. Helps with daily cleaning, such as dental floss or interdental brushes, etc.

Removable dentures
It is a denture that can be removed for cleaning and while sleeping at night, it must be taken out and soaked in water. In general, removable dentures There are two types: removable partial dentures and complete dentures with no teeth remaining.
Removable partial dentures There will be both normal plastic models. Flexible plastic and metal frames, while removable dentures for the entire mouth It is popular to make normal plastic.

Plastic base dentures

Metal frame dentures

Full dentures

Let’s take a look at removable dentures. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
Advantages of removable dentures include:
● Can be removed for cleaning
● Cheap price
Disadvantages of removable dentures such as
● Be careful not to fall. Because dentures are brittle and break easily,
● You may not be able to speak or pronounce clearly like natural teeth. It causes a lack of confidence.
● May cause annoyance in use. Because dentures can move and can fall off at any time
● Because in some cases there must be a hook in the denture piece to help hold the denture more firmly. Therefore, they are not very beautiful.
● They are less efficient in chewing food than fixed dentures.
● Food particles may get stuck under the dentures while chewing.
● After eating, you must always take out the dentures and wash them. This may cause difficulties in use.
● If dentures are loose or do not fit properly, they may cause sores in the mouth. And dentures may fall out when talking. Or chew food
● At night, you must take your dentures out and soak them in water. Shouldn’t be worn while sleeping.
Deciding to choose dentures It is wise to consider the advantages, disadvantages, different conditions and what type we can accept. Which type is suitable? Because the needs or suitability of each person will be different. Whether it’s a matter of
● How to clean Consider which type is suitable for us
● Beauty
● Efficiency in chewing food
● Price of dentures
● Number of teeth and position of missing teeth
Importantly, dentures should be made by a dentist who specializes in the field. false teeth In order to get the most effective results of treatment