How many types of fixed prosthodontic are there?

How many types of fixed prosthodontic are there?
How do you choose to use each type?
Dentures are artificial teeth and gums created by a dentist to replace lost natural teeth. They can be made for a single tooth, multiple teeth, or the entire mouth. Dentures are categorized into two types: fixed dentures and dental implants.

Wearing dentures can help you eat more comfortably, leading to improved health from receiving complete nutrients. They also contribute to aesthetics by making the mouth, cheeks, and chin appear more proportionate, giving the face a younger look. Most importantly, dentures enhance your ability to communicate and pronounce words more clearly.

1. Fixed Denture
It is a permanent denture that attaches to the natural teeth on either side, such as a crown or bridge. This includes dental filling materials like onlays, inlays, and veneers, among others.

1.1 Crown

It is a fixed denture, made from metal or ceramic materials, designed to cover the damaged area of a tooth. This is suitable for cases where the tooth cannot be restored with a filling, or when there are only a few natural teeth left. The creation of crowns is used to perform the chewing function of natural teeth, allowing for the preservation of the original tooth and its root.

Dental Crown

1.2 Dental bridge

Dental bridges are used to replace only 1-2 missing teeth. They are fixed dentures that cannot be removed for cleaning. This type of denture relies on the natural teeth next to the missing tooth to serve as the anchor for the bridge. And the teeth that will be used as anchors must also be strong teeth.

Dental Bridge

1.3 Dental fillings with ceramic or inlays, onlays and inlays

It is a fixed denture that utilizes a dental restoration material, created outside the mouth, and is attached to the real tooth with a special dental adhesive. It effectively replaces the loss of tooth pulp resulting from tooth decay and cracked teeth, while still preserving enough of the natural tooth to avoid the need for crowns. This onlay or inlay can be made from either metal or tooth-colored materials.

Dental filling with ceramic (Ceramic Inlay – Onlay)

1.4 Dental veneers (Veneer)

Veneers are one of the cosmetic dentistry that will help build confidence. Promote our personality very well It is dentistry that is very popular today. Veneers are divided into two types: composite veneers and ceramic veneers.
Veneers transform your smile into one that is white, clean, and beautiful by coating the front surface of your teeth with high-quality ceramic materials. These materials closely resemble the color of natural teeth. They effectively address issues such as gaps between teeth, misaligned teeth, and teeth that are dark or discolored. Additionally, veneers help prevent potential problems with the tooth surface. With proper maintenance, they can last for a long time, typically having a lifespan of 10 to 15 years.

Picture of the case before and after having ceramic veneers made.

2. Dental Implants
The material is made of titanium and is shaped like the root of a tooth. Titanium material works well on the human body. Used for implantation into the jawbone. For use in both fixed and removable dentures. For confidence and to make your artificial teeth look natural. and can be used just like natural teeth.

Dental implants can be used to replace just one tooth or be used as the main tooth for a bridge in cases where many teeth are missing. Or, dental implants may be used as a basis to help hold various types of removable dentures as well.

Single Tooth Implants

Multiple Teeth Implants

Implants with a Dental Bridge

Implants with Full Dentures