What kind of teeth should have veneers?

What kind of dental problems can veneers be used to solve?
The answer is that veneers can be used to solve certain types of dental problems very well, such as:
• Broken or chipped tooth
• Slight gap between teeth
• Worn teeth or teeth eroded from use
• Teeth with teeth that are too short
• Teeth with an abnormal tooth shape
• Discolored teeth
• Dark-colored teeth
• Teeth with abnormalities on the tooth surface

Picture of a sample case before and after having veneers

Choosing to have veneers It is best to have treatment directly with a dentist who specializes in veneers. In order to get the best results of treatment.
There are advantages and disadvantages to having veneers, as well as the materials used to make veneers also have advantages and different disadvantages.

We should receive detailed information from the dentist first. Including a detailed treatment plan In order to use all the information to make a decision about getting veneers.