Using Superfloss for braces

Using Superfloss for braces

Superfloss is a special type of dental floss that has 2 parts in itself. It has hard needle-like ends that can be inserted into tight and narrow spots. The middle part is soft and spongy, making it possible to remove bacteria and food stains that follow through the teeth and braces.

Benefits of Superfloss

Because our teeth have gaps between two adjacent teeth, this area is an easy spot where food scraps can be trapped and bacteria formation. If food scraps is not removed it will turn into plaque that could cause gingivitis. If limestone is in areas hard to reach by toothbrush, dental floss or superfloss is needed.

How to use Superfloss dental floss

1. Pull the floss out to about 12 inches long.
2. Insert one side of the wire under the braces; wrap the silk on the middle finger on both sides.
3. Use the thumb and index finger to grasp the silk. Move the silk up and down, and slowly enclose the teeth at the same time. Repeat 4-5 times during the use of dental floss. Be careful when pulling because it may cause gums to bleed
4. Reposition the silk continuously and clean teeth thoroughly.
5. Dental floss should be used at least once a day before brushing in the evening.

However, using dental floss while wearing the orthodontic device will take more time than usual, but if will be done continuously on a daily basis, it will reduce the risk of tooth decay or gum disease while having braces.


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