Why do you have to do dental work at Skytrain Dental Group

Skytrain Dental Group has 13 branches of dental clinics in the group. We have been providing dental services for more than 20 years with the slogan “If you want to do dental work, you must do it at all 13 dental clinics under the Skytrain Dental Group”.

Skytrain Dental Group has a team of specialized dentists in every branch such as

• General dentistry such as oral diagnostic services, scaling, fillings, etc.

• Specialized dentistry in various fields such as Oral Surgery (Treatment of tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, implanted teeth, dental implants), Prosthodontic Dentistry (Treatment of crowns, bridges, veneers, various types of dentures), Gum disease, Root Canal Treatment, Pediatic Dentistry, etc.

• Cosmetic dentistry such as Orthodontic Dentistry, Braces, Teeth Whitening, crown, bridge and veneers, etc.

In addition, our Skytrain Dental has 13 branches, and most of our clinics are close to the BTS Skytrain Station on the Sukhumvit Road, making it easy to travel to the clinic and very fast.

Highlights of Skytrain Dental

• A team of specialist dentists with knowledge, expertise and professional experience as well. We also have a team of specialized dentists in every branch to serve you.

• We provide dental check-up services and a free treatment plan. There are various dental promotions such as dental veneers, teeth whitening and annual dental check-up programs, etc.

• Within our clinic, we also pay attention to the beautiful, clean clinic decoration, with a warm and relaxing atmosphere, which can reduce anxiety.

• We also have appointment reminders by calling 1 day before the appointment date. And call to have a follow-up after the treatment after 1 day in order to help and give advice if the patient needs it.

• Our clinics are also convenient and quick to travel because most of our clinics are close to various BTS stations on the Sukhumvit Road.

All 13 branches of Skytrain Dental Group are

− Siam StationDental Clinic
− Chidlom Skytrain Dental Clinic
− Asoke Skytrain Dental Clinic
− Phrakanong Skytrain Dental Clinic
− On Nut Skytrain Dental Clinic
− Bangchak Skytrain Dental Clinic
− Punnawithi Skytrain Dental Clinic
− Sukhumvit Skytrain Dental Clinic
− Udomsuk Skytrain Dental Clinic
− Bearing Skytrain Dental Clinic
− Samrong Skytrain Dental Clinic
− Ram 2 Dental Clinic
− Ram 2 Smile Dental Clinic

Contact information
Call center: 062-9396365
Facebook: skytraindentalclinics
Line ID: @skytraindental
IG: skytraindentalclinic
Website: www.skytraindental.com